Nichomachus' first poetry collection, 'Playing with Fire' available now worldwide.

From blissful to woeful, Filipino Instagram poet and writer Nichomachus presents a completely new collection of poetry and prose with a burning theme, in his debut poetry collection, 'Playing with Fire'. Divided into four chapters, the book ignites an intense breadth of emotions crafted and inspired by the author's experiences on love and its aftermath: how it creates the sparks, the flames, the burns, and the painful scars.


Who is Nichomachus?

Nichomachus, or also known as The Weird Poet is a 23-year-old writer and poet from the Philippines. He started sharing his words through WordPress in May 2016 and on Instagram in 2017. He majored in Philosophy during his undergraduate days and is currently studying Law.

Nichomachus is an introvert, a romantic, and deep inside, a warrior. He doesn’t really go out that much. He often stays by the ocean watching the waves, and usually spends most of his spare time studying, reading, writing, alone, or with a few good friends. He believes in equality of rights and justice. He believes in God but does not believe in religion. He doesn’t like too much attention and is often found stuck listening to music, reading, writing, or doing what he loves to do as a writer–poetry.

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What is poetry for you?

The author believes that poetry is an escape from the ordinary to the extraordinary. This is the author’s way to express himself by turning complicated feelings into creative, raw, and vivid literary pieces. His words reflect his thoughts from day to day by revealing his experiences on life, love, loss, pain, and self-worth. Although he says that ‘he has not fallen in love yet’, his words obviously cannot conceal what he really feels.

What sparked you to write?

Writing is my self-therapy. It helps me grow and learn new things about the world and above all, myself. I started writing when I was 11 when a friend invited me to apply as a writer for our school paper. At a young age, my writings were mostly about my personal experiences: love, family, abuse, relationships, and self-worth. I had quite a number of rejections and was told to pursue something else. I don’t write to please anyone. I write because I need it. There are times when I usually don’t understand the situation that I often break down and think about doing nasty things instead, like suicide. So I turned to poetry. It heals me every time. My first book, Playing with Fire, is about my experiences on love and loss, and it also contains poems on self-worth and healing.

How did you publish your book?

I started writing my first book in 2015, writing each poem one by one when I get the chance. Sometimes at the beach, or at the mall, when I am traveling, or when I am alone inside the library, coffee shop, or at home. I compiled them and did not realize that I’ve reached so many! Then, I tried submitting and submitted my manuscript to different publishers in my country, and some did not reply, while others rejected my work. But it was okay. I learned from them. Then I found CreateSpace, a self-publishing platform that allows aspiring writers to publish their works and sell them through online bookstores. But the formatting there quite complicated. Then I turned to Lulu Publishing, an independent publishing house based in North Carolina, United States. From there I learned the advantages of self-publishing, and went for it! I had to format my own book and its contents, decide for my own cover, but of course, with the help of the publisher, and a few friends. My mentors helped me edit the contents with regard to grammar and punctuations, and after a year, the book was published.

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