“There was only one man that has ever understood me, and he didn’t understand me.”

–Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

‘The Weird Poet’ is a blog site that started on May 16, 2017, whose purpose is to feature a variety of blog posts emphasizing on poetry as an instrument to relay experiences, thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc. Known by its name, it highlights poem compositions and literary works written by the author himself.

One of the basic purposes of this blog is for the author to re-create, replenish, express, and gain dominance over the self through creativity and reason: to channel thoughts and ideas, as well as emotions through writing.

So why poetry?

Basically, there are tons of things that we get from writing poems and verses. In fact, according to Richard Jaffe from the blogsite, “American For The Arts”, there are ways from which you can benefits from it. It’s either that it:

1. Improves cognitive function. Learning new words (I’m never without a Thesaurus), working out meter (math!), and finding new ways to articulate our thoughts and feelings (communication) are all good for the brain. Want to get smarter? Write poetry!

2. Helps heal emotional pain. Grief is one of the most painful emotions we experience, and it’s also the source of some of the world’s most inspirational poetry. When I have experienced a profound loss, the act of putting my feelings into words or memorializing and paying tribute to those who I lost is extremely cathartic.

3. Leads us to greater self-awareness. Most of us don’t have the time or desire to just sit and aimlessly ponder the meaning of our lives or what makes us deeply happy. Writing poetry gives us a constructive way to do that. Not only does it help us explore and gain insight, we have something to show for all that “inner reflection” when we’re done.

4. Provides a gift of inspiration or education to others. One thing we know—we are not alone! Universal questions, fears, and emotions are called ‘universal’ because everyone, no matter what country or culture they’re raised in, experiences them. Once we’ve done the work of exploring and finding our own answers, we can help others by sharing them. I like to share my poem ‘Eternal Happiness’ because it describes what I’ve found to be the source of my own eternal happiness.

5. Helps us celebrate! For some things, balloons and cake just don’t suffice. Proposing to my wife, the births of my children, their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, falling in love—these were among the most emotionally powerful, joyful times of my life. Thanks to the poems I wrote at the time to capture those feelings, I can experience them again and again.

As John Coleman puts it in his article titled, The Benefits of Poetry for Professionals” in 2012 as found in Harvard Business Review:

“Poetry teaches us to wrestle with and simplify complexity… The number one thematic benefit poetry users cited was “understanding” — of the world, the self, and others.”

He states that people who are engaged in the arts, specifically in writing poems are those persons who are more sociable, with an acute sense of empathy, highly intellectual, and able to deal with a multi-faceted complex environment.

According to

Writing poetry is a way to grow emotionally and intellectually, as language articulates and frames experience symbolically. Writing poetry is also a natural process, serving people’s innate need to explain themselves and their lives in the world.

It is an outlet and and at the same time a source of people who are in pain, struggle, and depressed. It is a way to feel listened and understood. A way to express your cognitive, emotional, and cultural appreciation of things.

Research and scientific breakthroughs haven’t proven anything about poetry and writing poems aid in making a person more mentally and physiologically stable, as well capable of self-understanding and control, but then, observations and personal experiences tell us that writing poetry heals, develops, nurtures, and stimulates the mind, the heart, and most especially – the soul in a different unexplained manner.

Writing poems saved my life. It saved me from losing my mind. It saved me from depression and complete self-damage. Words are indeed powerful that it can destroy one’s personality: one’s life and outlook, but undeniably, it is also the way to put one’s self back together and to fix things straight.

They say that words are powerful and can change anything, and indeed they are.


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