I opened my eyes and found myself
wrapped up in my blankets,
lying beside the bedroom closet
I am inside a room filled with nothing but darkness
The pale moonlight traces its fingers
through the glass of the window,
slightly lighting up the bedroom floor
as it touched the surface.
A sound was beginning to haunt me again.
I could hear faint cries for help.
I search the corners of the room,
but they weren’t there.
My heart was begging me to calm down,
but my mind was disturbed.
I could not control what I felt.
I raise my two arms in front of me,
with each hand stretched towards the moon.
I tried to stand up,
and a bottle of pills rolled down my thighs.
Each pill jumped into the pool of tears
I purged and the sound caused me
to burst into tears again.
I wanted to scream but I couldn’t.
I don’t want them to hear me.
They won’t care either.
“Write it down then,”
a voice whispered to me,
as it slowly faded away into the silence.
“This is the beginning,”
I sighed.

by Nichomachus