The Author

Hi there! I am the Weird Poet and I am a lover of poetry!


My name is Leo Nekko Romero, the author of ‘The Weird Poet’. I am a graduate of the degree Bachelor of Arts, major in Philosophy at Bicol University in 2016. I am currently having my Bachelor of Laws at University of Santo Tomas Legazpi. I am living in the humble city of Legazpi, beautiful province of Albay, the home of the famous Mayon Volcano in the Philippines, Southeast Asia. I am a proud Filipino.


I started writing when I was in grade school and has continued participating in such activities intimately related to writing, especially to poetry ever since. As a romantic, a dilettante writer, poetry is the only way to know the reason why we are living. Poetry is the instrument to which we are able to get a deep grasp of what life is and how to keep it living by not just merely trying to make it sustainable.


I started up this personal blog to revive this hobby, and to share to the world my ideas, thoughts, sentiments, and experiences about life and the wonders about it. Poetry has helped me in various ways I couldn’t even imagine. Without it, I am essentially nothing. In spite of all the changes I met in my twenty-two years of existence, this hobby still remains fresh, new, and constant. It’s self-fulfilling. I may fail at some points of my journey because of my choices, but definitely, I won’t ever fail on this one!

I love writing and it has been a huge part of my life and being.

If I can’t express myself in ways available to do, or in ways I cannot do because I’m too frightened to say it personally, I’ll say it here, that’s sure.