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Who’s The Weird Poet?

Looking at fine works of art at Bencab Museum, Baguio City

Nichomachus, the weird poet, or a.k.a. Leo Nekko (or Nikko) Romero, is a Filipino-based writer and a poetry blogger from the Philippines. In 2016, he finished his undergraduate degree of Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy at Bicol University and is currently taking Bachelor of Laws at University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi, Philippines.

Poetry has been a hobby, and as what he suggests, a virtue, for Nikko ever since and has contributed to certain publications both in school and on websites, such as Some of his poetry compositions were already featured by some prestigious online poetry web hubs such as By Me Poetry, and Untwine Me!

In December 2017, he successfully published his first e-book poetry collection titled, ‘Spilled Words for Spilled Memories’ worldwide.


As what he names his blog, Nikko is, as what Psychology labels it, an introvert and a romantic. He doesn’t really go out that much. He opts to be alone and take it in a low profile. He doesn’t like too much attention and he often writes down what he feels, what he thinks, and what his mood about at the moment. Most of his poetry compositions were basically sculpted and formed out of his personal experiences on love, heartbreak and life. When he’s hurt, he’s feeling lucky, he’s lonely, appreciative, mad, scared, he writes everything down. He’s the kind of person that could not express everything he wants to express verbally, and this is one of the reasons behind the blog.

Burning with words, and carved with creativity and passion, this is the kind of writer and poet you don’t want to deal with.

Support his growing social media presence on Instagram (@_theweirdpoet) and his Facebook page ( 

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